Some Compelling Historical Facts That Will Surprise You


Many people find the history of being rather boring. However, it can be interesting sometimes. If you find history intriguing, you will enjoy reading the information below. If you find history compelling, keep reading to find out more regarding these interesting history facts. 



Historical facts that might shock you include 


Females got banned from smoking in public.

Did you know that women in the early times of 1908 were banned from smoking? Yes, a lady named Katie Mulcahey had been arrested for lighting her cigarette with a match against the wall. She was later fined $5.00 for committing this so-called crime. In court, she argued for her rights as being a woman who cannot smoke in public seemed unreasonable. 

Forks were unholy

Can you believe that forks were at one point seen as blasphemous? Yes, using these oddly shaped utensils was once seen as unholy and an act against GodGod. People believed this was a tool of satan, and using it could offend their God. People would think twice about using a fork as it would seem unreligious. 

Cleopatra was not Egyptian. 

Who thought Cleopatra would not be Egyptian? Despite what was popularly believed, Cleopatra was not Egyptian and was Greek. She is also a descendant of Alexander The Great’s and is a beauty icon. 

Ketchup was known as medicine.

In the earliest years of the 1800s, people believed ketchup to be medicinal. It was supplied to help people cure themselves of things like indigestion or upset stomachs. It was not yet popularized as a condiment and instead used to cure people’s digestion issues. Crazy, right? 


As discussed, these facts may come as a surprise to many of you as they are ancient beliefs of the souls who have left this world. You may find this odd however it is fun to know how the world was like years ago.