Must-Read History Fiction Books You Need: The Breakdown


Do you love history and books? Well, combine the two, and you get yourself the perfect mix. Reading books on their own is a wonderful experience. However, when based on a real-life old story, the book is much more special. You get to escape reality for a bit by doing so. Keep reading to find out some of the top-ranked history books you need to read right now.



Best Fictional History Books You Need To Know About


Marlon James – The Book Of Night Women

The Book Of Night Women is excellently written. It is written about these ladies who have been miraculously planning an escape to live their desired life. Lilith, one of the women, has become of age and is now transformed to be the main person for the plans. Lilith comes to realize her desires and dreams of becoming something more than just a slave woman. The writing is delightfully designed and takes the reader on a journey. Make sure you read it.

Mary Doria Russell – Doc

A couple leaves looking to achieve poker. They then find themselves befriend a passionate and outspoken Lawman who goes by the name Wyatt Earp. The Doc and the lawman begin an unlikely friendship that is later defeated by a gunfight at the O.K Corral Links. Their names are engraved forever in American frontier Mythology.

Crystal Hana Kim –  If You Leave Me

A teenage girl aged 16 who goes by the name of Haemi Lee has an invasion at home by an army far from the north. Herself, her mom, and her brother are forced into a refugee camp that they try to flee. Every night, she tries to escape her tragic reality with one of her childhood friends, Kyunghwan.

Ending Thoughts

As discussed, these three fictional historical fiction writings are one of the top fictional ones out there. They take you to a different world and time.